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Re: Just Started to Pluk...I think

Posted by Run, Don't Walk on 4/21/07
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    On 4/21/07, MomofJackToo wrote:
    > I am worried, I just noticed JACK has a small patch about
    > dime size on his upper chest, do you think this is the
    > begining of plucking? Anything I should do? I wam
    > watching him carfully, we have not had any major changes
    > in home, food, cage. I did change out his toys and gave
    > him some new things, but that was about 9 days ago....any
    > ideas or suggestions? Am I over reacting?

    I figured I'd get to you before the Birdmart Advisory Council
    tells you to get your bird to an AVIAN VET IMMEDIATELY for a
    COMPLETE work up and every test imaginable that they offer.

    Seriously certainly could be the start of
    plucking, but I wouldn't over react at this point. Watch
    him, shower him if he'll let you and wait and see.