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Re: Just Started to Pluk...I think

Posted by naomia ky on 4/21/07
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    I had the same problem with mine although it never got
    serious.I took her to the avian vet, had all the tests done
    and they never came up with anything. I mist her every day and
    that did help a little. I bought the ionic breeze, that was a
    waste of money. I got a humidity checker and saw that my air
    wasn't humidified enough. I got a air humidifier and that did
    help some.Some people swear by them and some say they do not
    halp at all.Sometimes when she molts is when I notice it.Like
    I said though, it never got bad and her feathers are really
    pretty.She (Jazzy) sometimes just over preens herself and I
    get her attention off on something else or I mist the area she
    is preening and she quits and starts eating the furniture,
    blinds or anything else she can get her sweet little beak on!