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Re: Just Started to Pluk...I think

Posted by Margaret on 4/23/07
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    On 4/21/07, MomofJackToo wrote:
    > I am worried, I just noticed JACK has a small patch about
    > dime size on his upper chest, do you think this is the
    > begining of plucking? Anything I should do? I wam
    > watching him carfully, we have not had any major changes
    > in home, food, cage. I did change out his toys and gave
    > him some new things, but that was about 9 days ago....any
    > ideas or suggestions? Am I over reacting?
    It could be the start of plucking. You could try the
    following formula I use when my birds start to pluck. Mix
    one capful of Listerine (yellow/gold antiseptic type, not
    the mint or other flavors) with 22 oz. of water. Put in a
    spray bottle and spray the area regularly--start w/4 times a
    day. As the bird starts to pick less, you can spray less
    often. (I read about this method on-line several months
    ago)It sounds odd, but it worked for my 2 conures and my
    African Grey. My AG used to pluck its tail feathers--
    practically had no tail when I started spraying her. She
    didn't like being sprayed, but after a month or so, she
    stopped plucking and her tail grew back. My conures (which
    are caged together) would over-preen each other, so I tried
    the spray on them. They grew back their feathers, as
    well. My cockatoo doesn't far....but I
    wouldn't hesitate to use it on her also. I also shower
    with my birds about twice a week and let them go outside for
    fresh air on a daily basis. Fortunately we live in south FL
    and the weather is bird friendly. I've also heard of
    using "aloe juice" mixed w/water in a spray bottle, but
    never found any of it (not sure exactly what type to use)so
    I can't speak on that. I've only had to use the Listerine
    method on my birds for a brief period, and that was about 4
    months ago. To this date they have remained feathered.
    Good luck w/yours.