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Post: Laugh and poop

Posted by naomia ky on 4/21/07

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    My umbrella in 4 years old. When she (Jazzy) laughs,
    sneezes( not sneezing like she is sick)she sometimes
    poops.Not like she is trying to but like it just happens.I
    had a gram stain done and it was normal.The vet said her
    stools looked a little dry ans suggested she eat more
    fruit.she eats vegies but will not eat fresh fruit. I have
    her on Harrisons pellets with Goldenfeast central
    americian preservation blend as a snack. I also spoon feed
    her the bird baby food once a day just because she likes
    it and the vet said the vitimins in it would be good for
    her.She has been doing this for a year and acts like she
    feels great. The vet isn't concerned but it worries me, I
    have my Mother's male umbrella (Ralph) since she passed
    away in January.He doesn't do that.His bottom is always
    clean, but I have to wash hers every day. Does anyone know
    if this is common for a female of her age or can you tell
    me anything about it? Thanks

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