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Re: Citron Cockatoo acts crazy

Posted by Susan on 4/30/07
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    Maybe the bird is bonding with your wife and sees you as a
    potential threat?

    On 4/23/07, Greg Landwehr wrote:
    > I have a citron cockatoo that I have had for about 10
    > months. We got her/him from a bird rescue person and were
    > told that the bird was about 7 years old. We assumed
    > she/he was a female due to the diminuitive size.
    > Anyway, a couple of weeks ago, she started acting afraid
    > of me and being very nervous around me. It is a struggle
    > to get her out of the cage and she used to be always ready
    > to come out and play or cuddle although I always thought
    > she was a little more nervous than other parrots I have
    > owned but she was always better with me than my wife in
    > the past. She still is quite friendly with my wife but if
    > I come around, she/he freaks out. She doesn't try to bite
    > but tries to get away instead. Any ideas why??