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Re: Expose the people who try to SCAM us Here Please?

Posted by d on 5/06/07
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    The first thing I notice is their English is HORRIBLE!!!

    On 5/06/07, Linda wrote:
    > After hearing about so many people that have lost money
    > this way and others that didn't fall for it like us I
    > wonder if we expose these people maybe others will start
    > to watch for a scam? Maybe.
    > A few things to look for that clearly is a scam in ads;
    > #1. Bird, dog, etc. is a lot cheaper. Like a $1000.00 bird
    > for $200.00? Please!
    > #2.Look around for that person and you may see several
    > pets for sale by them but in different
    > states. They travel a lot?
    > #3.The seller accidentally uses the same photo for one dog
    > and then another breed of dog.
    > #4. If they ask you to send them money PLEASE don't fall
    > for that. Think about it, why would someone give you a
    > FREE $1000.00 bird for just shipping? You send money and
    > get nothing in return.
    > #5. When you ask if you can go there and get the pet and
    > (OH MY now this is a shock NOT)they have moved overseas or
    > the pet is gone etc. In other words there never was a pet
    > to give away or sell.
    > Can anyone else think of any more tips to look for?
    > Is it legal for us to post that person's name and email
    > address? I'm not sure but I hope it is ok because a lot
    > more of those bugs crawl out of the sidewalk everyday. If
    > we can't post name and addresses here maybe just that we
    > have them and anyone that
    > wants them can email us?