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Re: Expose the people who try to SCAM us Here Please?

Posted by Lora on 5/06/07
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    Those scammers from Africa have to go to an "internet cafe" to
    go online and that costs them CASH, personally I love to play with
    them, its cruel like a cat plays with a mouse but entertaining.
    Get thier name and address and you can file online with the FBI
    about them. I will find the link and post it later.
    One of the funniest ones was one that wanted my home address so
    I gave them 1600 pennsylvania ave washington dc and they had no
    freakin clue. In the end, I do tell them I am filing a report
    about them just so they look over thier shoulder!
    We should all post about scammers where ever we go on the net, I
    still cannot believe there are people with no common sense.
    They are branching out too, puppys cats anything popular so
    So toy with them if you find one, it makes your day PURRFECT!