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Re: Expose the people who try to SCAM us Here Please?

Posted by KittyJ on 5/26/07
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    I agree with what you say. AND MOST scams are like what you
    say. But a $1500 BABY UMBRELLA COCKATOO, when fully mature
    and all they ont cost that much, when 8yrs+ they are
    not "worth" $500 without cage, unless you can prove it. But
    many peopel do have $1500 birds that have mutilated and all
    that are "worth" $200. Many people who try to adpt their
    large pet birds out will adopt them for $200-500. Not a
    scam, just people trying to adopt them out. But I agree with
    a lot of what you say. I for one say if you LIVE IN THE SAME
    AREA as the person try to give up there bird for so chepa,
    see pictures and go visit the bird, and then you know it is
    not a scam. But out of state ads being placed in your own
    state (happens all the time on CRIAGS LIST) then you have
    something to be iffy about. If you in the state as the bird,
    I say go visit them, if out of state, I say be always iffy,
    if not that, just dont buy from out of staters. I would only
    buy from a breeder if I saw proof of how healthy the birds
    are and if they ate license and had reference or something.
    Like off of