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Re: Expose the people who try to SCAM us Here Please?

Posted by Mikey on 5/26/07
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    On 5/26/07, KittyJ wrote:
    > I agree with what you say. AND MOST scams are like what you
    > say. But a $1500 BABY UMBRELLA COCKATOO, when fully mature
    > and all they ont cost that much, when 8yrs+ they are
    > not "worth" $500 without cage, unless you can prove it. But
    > many peopel do have $1500 birds that have mutilated and all
    > that are "worth" $200. Many people who try to adpt their
    > large pet birds out will adopt them for $200-500. Not a
    > scam, just people trying to adopt them out. But I agree with
    > a lot of what you say. I for one say if you LIVE IN THE SAME
    > AREA as the person try to give up there bird for so chepa,
    > see pictures and go visit the bird, and then you know it is
    > not a scam. But out of state ads being placed in your own
    > state (happens all the time on CRIAGS LIST) then you have
    > something to be iffy about. If you in the state as the bird,
    > I say go visit them, if out of state, I say be always iffy,
    > if not that, just dont buy from out of staters. I would only
    > buy from a breeder if I saw proof of how healthy the birds
    > are and if they ate license and had reference or something.
    > Like off of

    Hey Kitty, learn how to spell and stop and think about what
    you wanna say before typing it. Make sense not nonsense.