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Re: A little bit off subject plus answer to KittyJ

Posted by To Linda on 5/27/07
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    On 5/27/07, Linda wrote:
    > KittyJ we all agree that there are a lot of bird scams going
    > on. As to what birds sell for it can range from $100.00 to
    > 3000. You said if you live in the same area see pictures of
    > the bird? Well anyone can copy and paste any photo and say it
    > is the bird they have for sale, just as I could post a picture
    > of a beauty queen and say it is me. LOL Just a joke.
    > PS. Spell check is easy just type your post into a new mail
    > window then run spell check then copy the corrected
    > post here. I use a lot of copy and paste.
    > The whole reason why people (as a rule) go to places like
    > or is because they have already
    > looked for a pet in their city and can't find one.
    > By CRIAGS LIST did you mean Great place to
    > find a lot of other things for sale right in your own town.
    > BTW They don't sell pets on that but I know what you mean
    > by some people put an ad in MD and live in NC.
    > Now this may get me a lot of angry replies but I speak my mind.
    > Not everyone feels the same as I do and that is ok.
    > I won't buy from a breeder or pet store for the simple reason
    > that there are so many homeless and unloved pets in shelters
    > and rescue organizations and I would rather give a
    > home to a homeless or unwanted animal.
    > I am adopting Winston a beautiful 8 month old Dachshund that
    > is in a wheelchair. I will get him a week from today. I could
    > buy a Dachshund pup for $75. to $100. around here and it cost
    > more for me to adopt Winston but it also makes me feel good to
    > give Winston a home.
    > I also have a special needs bird and another dog.
    > The bird came from a breeder who couldn't sell him because
    > someone got mad and beat the bird with a hammer, taking off
    > two of his toes. The breeder gave him to a rescue
    > organization and I got him from there. The poor dog was an
    > abuse case also but from kids. They broke this tiny
    > chihuahua's legs then threw him into a pool. Thank God a woman
    > came by and took the dog to an animal hospital which is where
    > I got him after helping to pay for his surgery. They had to
    > remove one leg because it was mashed so bad it couldn't
    > be repaired.
    > For all the breeders , pet stores and people who buy from
    > them I say to each his own. I am not in any way putting you
    > down just sharing what I feel.
    > Sorry I got off subject a bit but I have spent the last week
    > helping to move animals that had been abused along with 3 dead
    > birds that were tied to a tree without food and left to die.
    > I put the link to see Winston's photo if anyone cares to see
    > him.

    Winston is beautiful!!! I'm so happy there are people like you
    in this world Linda, no matter what the unhappy Ogers on this
    board may say in response. I agree, if there are so many
    unwanted birds why not help with those. Its like the rabbits at
    Easter. So sad.