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Re: A little bit off subject plus answer to KittyJ

Posted by KittyJ on 6/01/07
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    Actually their is a pet area on craisg list where you can
    find "adoption" but MANY oh so many people are selling their
    pets going against the rules. And if someone uses a picture of
    their bird, and you dont believe its their bird, you can always
    look up that type of bird off the enet, and see if they are
    using the pictures. Because using the same picture and claiming
    its your own without citign the picture and even facts about
    anything is illegal. MANY scams even in your own area, thats why
    I talk via email and phone and when I meet people I bring a
    couple people. But most people should be able to see that if its
    a scam or not. ESPECIALLY if someoen claimsto have a bird and is
    in Cameroon adn wants you to send money firs. HAHAHA. EVERYONE
    needs to know that its ILLEGAL to bring birds into the US. And
    buying from Africa is baaaad, and more than likely you'll get