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Re: new too

Posted by electra on 5/22/07
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    try this link for help and an eye opener on the too's is . but you cann't post full
    links here. Hope this helps.

    On 5/21/07, Susan wrote:
    > How long have you had him?
    > What is the environment?
    > If he is new to the house, give him time to adjust.
    > Sometimes it can take up to a month. Just be patient and
    > how things go.
    > Susan
    > On 5/15/07, hurting in mesa wrote:
    >> I just bought an U2. Awesome bird, 2 yrs old but hes biten
    >> me 5 times in 2 days. What am I doing wrong? After about 5
    >> minutes of being on my arm he gets violent for no reason.