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Re: new too cockatoo

Posted by emily on 7/21/07
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    On 5/27/07, Linda wrote:
    > I am not an expert but I have read a lot about birds lately
    > that I will share.
    > I have 2 male birds one is a cockatoo and the other is a
    > blue/gold macaw. This time of year they will get touchy
    > (breeding season) even without a female in sight, you just
    > need to learn how to read them like it is with any
    > male.<-------Joke
    > Give him a few weeks before you try to hold him again.
    > There is a lot of cockatoo boards that will help you.
    > On 5/15/07, hurting in mesa wrote:
    >> I just bought an U2. Awesome bird, 2 yrs old but hes biten
    >> me 5 times in 2 days. What am I doing wrong? After about 5
    >> minutes of being on my arm he gets violent for no reason.