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Re: new too cockatoo

Posted by Rick on 7/23/07
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    I have a M2 that did me the same way when we first got him. Give
    your bird time, a good month should be sufficient to adjust.
    For some reason we have experienced this more with the Cockatoos
    than other birds. Now our M2 is as sweet as could be and very
    wanting to please us.
    Yes, is a great place to start and get some excellent
    advice. Just don't tell them you BOUGHT your bird.........that's
    a no no in their book.

    On 7/21/07, emily wrote:
    > On 5/27/07, Linda wrote:
    >> I am not an expert but I have read a lot about birds lately
    >> that I will share.
    >> I have 2 male birds one is a cockatoo and the other is a
    >> blue/gold macaw. This time of year they will get touchy
    >> (breeding season) even without a female in sight, you just
    >> need to learn how to read them like it is with any
    >> male.<-------Joke
    >> Give him a few weeks before you try to hold him again.
    >> There is a lot of cockatoo boards that will help you.
    >> On 5/15/07, hurting in mesa wrote:
    >>> I just bought an U2. Awesome bird, 2 yrs old but hes biten
    >>> me 5 times in 2 days. What am I doing wrong? After about 5
    >>> minutes of being on my arm he gets violent for no reason.