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Re: Female Moluccan needs a pal

Posted by Warrior Woman on 6/25/07
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    As far as Cockatoos go and hand raised cockatoo will get along
    with another hand raised cockatoo. Personally If I had a
    female Moluccan and wanted to get her a friend I would find
    another female with the same personality type, especially if
    she is laid back and kind of shy. My 4 Umbrellas get along,
    with one exception, Abby the birdie bully, all are hand tame
    and hand raised and kept in seporate day cages but they are
    right next to each other and have been for years. My Moluccan
    is a male and he likes 1 of my male Umbrellas as a friend but
    not the others who have a stronger personalities. They all
    play together when they are out to play.