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Re: Female Moluccan needs a pal

Posted by karen on 6/28/07
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    On 6/22/07, Pam wrote:
    > Hi... I have a 9 year old female Moluccan. Our family is
    > getting busier and busier and I feel guilty I don't have
    > the time to spend w/ her like I did. We thought that if
    > get her a bird companion, that will keep her happy. Any
    > suggestions on what type to get? OR even if this is a good
    > idea. She is the sweetest thing...and I truly believe she
    > thinks she looks like a human, cuz when I show her herself
    > in a mirror she puffs up and starts hissing! We had her
    > since she was 8 weeks old. Again, any info/suggestions
    > would be greatly appreciated!

    Is she in the center of the action in the home?
    Does she have a quiet place to sleep at night?
    Is she Loved by the family?
    Does she have a large cage with a lot of toys?
    Can she see out a window & get some sun?
    Does she have a play area?
    Do you have a trusted bird sitter?
    This Lady is part of your family, please try to keep her.
    Birds can grow with the family, remember your grandchildren
    may be able to adopt her some day.
    So many people give away a bird and regret it a year or two
    later. Have you tried to socialize her with extended family
    so they can help out.
    She may not bond with another bird as she is part of your
    family, finding her more toys & people friends may help.
    There is a video called captive foraging that will give you
    ideas of how to keep her occupied.
    Please think of her long term welfare
    good luck