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Re: Need remodeling advice

Posted by Dave on 7/02/07
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    On 7/01/07, Birdmom wrote:
    > I have a couple of parrots......cages in the kitchen. We
    > are going to add on 2 rooms to the house this summer > is a bird room (yeah for me)>. I need to know what to do
    > with these birds during construction so they are safe from
    > fumes. It is OK to place them in a remote bedroom and
    > exhaust that room (or add fresh air)? Any help is
    > appreciated. Or any sites would be helpful too.
    > -BM

    It would be best to keep them as far away as you can from
    the construction areas. Constant loud noise can make the
    birds jittery and nervous. It could be a stressful time for
    them. A separate room is fine. Try to have a door in that
    separate room. Using an exhaust in that temporary room is
    good to make sure all impurities are out of the room. The
    most important area to have an exhaust fan is in any areas
    to be painted. Make sure that the exhaust fan is extremely
    cost to a window in the new areas because I assume that
    you're gonna paint in those new areas. Exhaust fans are good
    for pulling fumes straight out the window. If possible, use
    a good latex paint as opposed to oil based paint. Oil paint
    takes much longer to dry, has very strong fumes and the odor
    lingers for a long time even if an exhaust fan is used.
    Latex paint doesn't really smell that bad, won't linger and
    the smell is easily taken out with an exhaust fan.----Dave