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Re: Remodeling TX Dave

Posted by Birdmom on 7/05/07
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    Thanks for the advice. They'll be in the opposite end of the
    house with the door shut. This is doable!

    > It would be best to keep them as far away as you can from
    > the construction areas. Constant loud noise can make the
    > birds jittery and nervous. It could be a stressful time for
    > them. A separate room is fine. Try to have a door in that
    > separate room. Using an exhaust in that temporary room is
    > good to make sure all impurities are out of the room. The
    > most important area to have an exhaust fan is in any areas
    > to be painted. Make sure that the exhaust fan is extremely
    > cost to a window in the new areas because I assume that
    > you're gonna paint in those new areas. Exhaust fans are good
    > for pulling fumes straight out the window. If possible, use
    > a good latex paint as opposed to oil based paint. Oil paint
    > takes much longer to dry, has very strong fumes and the odor
    > lingers for a long time even if an exhaust fan is used.
    > Latex paint doesn't really smell that bad, won't linger and
    > the smell is easily taken out with an exhaust fan.----Dave