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Re: umbrella cockatoo

Posted by Tammy on 7/28/07
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    Not all rescue birds are problem birds, we have 14 of them and
    while some are brats, they are all generally great pets.

    Buying a baby doesn't mean they won't have problems down the road
    either, the baby still grows up and hits breeding age.

    Just do some research on cockatoos and maybe visit rescues and
    breeders in your area and see what happens. I do agree that not
    all people are able to handle adult birds especially cockatoos,
    it does take time and patience.


    On 7/28/07, Dan wrote:
    > On 7/28/07, Kj wrote:
    >> On 7/19/07, samantha little wrote:
    >>> loking for a baby cockatoo for my husband. please email
    >> any
    >>> classifieds or ideas.
    >> Babies are not th ebest, do your research. Birds should NOT
    >> be given as pets
    >> I think
    >> is best place to start research at :)
    > Baby cockatoo's are the best, If this person wants a Cockatoo
    > Why should they settle for someone eles problem bird? Get off
    > your high horse Kj and quit telling people what to do.
    > Dan