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Re: umbrella cockatoo

Posted by Dan on 7/29/07
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    On 7/28/07, Alison wrote:
    > On 7/28/07, Dan wrote:
    >> Baby cockatoo's are the best, If this person wants a Cockatoo
    >> Why should they settle for someone eles problem bird? Get off
    >> your high horse Kj and quit telling people what to do.
    >> Dan
    > __________________________________
    > Yes Dan, baby Cockatoos are sweet, cuddly and fun, but, they do
    > grow up and that is when the problems start. U2's and M2's are
    > among the worst, especially the males, when they hit sexual
    > maturity. They CAN become terrible screamers, biters, pluckers
    > and mutilators. Therefore, regardless of your obvious personal
    > opinion of Kj, or anyone else offering advice, telling a person
    > that they should research in depth before bringing home a bird
    > that will most likely be dumped by that very person at some
    > point, is NOT bad advice. Telling someone to jump blindly into a
    > bird that can be loud, obnoxious, destructive and quite frankly,
    > dangerous, IS bad advice. Rescue birds are NOT for everyone, but
    > neither are Cockatoos. To the original poster, The advice given
    > to you is the best you could have gotten, "do a lot of research
    > on the species", before you make a decision that you may regret
    > later on. -Alison-

    Yes to the original poster do your research and you will find that
    All birds grow up and CAN become screamers,biters,pluckers NOT just
    COCKATOO'S. There's more nerotic little birds out there but people
    just tend to keep them caged and not deal with them (easier then a
    larger bird) where you feel obligated to take it out and try to
    controll it. I say for someone with no experience with birds period
    go get yourself a small bird first (a baby). These so called rescue
    (AKA) hoarders will pawn anything on to any sucker with$$$$.