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Re: umbrella cockatoo

Posted by Tammy on 7/29/07
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    Not all rescues are hoarders or out for money either. I have adopted
    out 30+ birds and never asked for an adoption fee, only that they buy
    a cage as most never even come in with one. We pay our own vet bills
    and are more interested in the birds welfare than money!

    Some birds land in a rescue simply due to thier home life changing,
    not always for problems with the birds. I agree that not everyone is
    able to care for a cockatoo or a recue bird with issues. However
    telling someone to at least check out both options doesn't hurt
    either. I know of quite a few cockatoos in rescues that are
    perfectly "normal" cockatoos, if there is such a thing as normal LOL!


    On 7/29/07, Dan wrote:
    > On 7/28/07, Alison wrote:
    >> On 7/28/07, Dan wrote:
    >>> Baby cockatoo's are the best, If this person wants a Cockatoo
    >>> Why should they settle for someone eles problem bird? Get off
    >>> your high horse Kj and quit telling people what to do.
    >>> Dan
    >> __________________________________
    >> Yes Dan, baby Cockatoos are sweet, cuddly and fun, but, they do
    >> grow up and that is when the problems start. U2's and M2's are
    >> among the worst, especially the males, when they hit sexual
    >> maturity. They CAN become terrible screamers, biters, pluckers
    >> and mutilators. Therefore, regardless of your obvious personal
    >> opinion of Kj, or anyone else offering advice, telling a person
    >> that they should research in depth before bringing home a bird
    >> that will most likely be dumped by that very person at some
    >> point, is NOT bad advice. Telling someone to jump blindly into a
    >> bird that can be loud, obnoxious, destructive and quite frankly,
    >> dangerous, IS bad advice. Rescue birds are NOT for everyone, but
    >> neither are Cockatoos. To the original poster, The advice given
    >> to you is the best you could have gotten, "do a lot of research
    >> on the species", before you make a decision that you may regret
    >> later on. -Alison-
    > Yes to the original poster do your research and you will find that
    > All birds grow up and CAN become screamers,biters,pluckers NOT just
    > COCKATOO'S. There's more nerotic little birds out there but people
    > just tend to keep them caged and not deal with them (easier then a
    > larger bird) where you feel obligated to take it out and try to
    > controll it. I say for someone with no experience with birds period
    > go get yourself a small bird first (a baby). These so called rescue
    > (AKA) hoarders will pawn anything on to any sucker with$$$$.
    > Dan