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Re: umbrella cockatoo

Posted by Alison on 7/29/07
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    On 7/29/07, Dan wrote:
    > Yes to the original poster do your research and you will find that
    > All birds grow up and CAN become screamers,biters,pluckers NOT
    > COCKATOO'S. There's more nerotic little birds out there but people
    > just tend to keep them caged and not deal with them (easier then a
    > larger bird) where you feel obligated to take it out and try to
    > controll it. I say for someone with no experience with birds
    > go get yourself a small bird first (a baby). These so called
    > (AKA) hoarders will pawn anything on to any sucker with$$$$.
    > Dan
    Yes Dan, many smaller birds also become that way, but a small bird
    isn't going to remove body parts when they bite you, or deafen you
    with their extremely loud screaming. And lets keep in mind that the
    original poster was asking specifially about Cockatoos, NOT smaller
    birds, and that is why my answer was specific to that species and
    not the long list of others who are infamous for developing nasty
    and undesirable behaviors when sexually mature. Anyone who is
    wanting to aquire ANY animal, should do research first to determine
    if that particular animal is the right choice for them and their
    specific lifestyle and living situation.

    As far as 'rescues' go, yes, those of them that are nothing more
    than liars, hoarders, breeders and brokers, far outnumber the few
    legitimate ones that exist, but a few good ones DO exist and should
    not be ruled out as a posibility for someone who can handle someone
    elses rejected bird, complete with all their faults. A little
    research will certainly help one to quickly eliminate the false
    rescues and narrow it down to the good ones. -Alison-