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Re: want reply mean people say bad stuff here I just want a

Posted by Mary on 7/29/07
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    I have a male cockatoo that is 5 years old that I have to
    get rid of due to husbands health problems. He does speak
    and gives me kisses. I love him. Don't want to get rid of
    him but like I said my husband has health problems which
    prevents us from keeping him. I am asking 1500.00 for him
    and cage. I live 30 minutes north of Terre Haute.


    On 7/24/07, Summer from New Carlisle IN 46552 wrote:
    > This is no scam I do not resell anything and I am not
    > begging for free bird I said if you no longer wanted or
    > time for it for a reasonable price willing to drive if
    > distance is not over a 200 miles I am not a scammer or
    > reseller I do really want a bird in my home. I am able to
    > giv e one time love.
    > I want anyone to feel secure in rehoming a pet please free
    > to have me checked out.
    > I will always alow home visits to the birds past owners.
    > have no reason to place a scam the person saying that was
    > harsh and had no grounds I have ever resold a bird. I have
    > not even had one in my home over two years. I raised my
    > kids and helped family now I want one. Why peopple twist
    > stuff is beyond me. I just wanted a reason cost was all.
    > That person was wrong contact me who ever wrote that> I
    > want to see who you are! thast is juxt wrong to try to
    > block a real person chances by slander.
    > any person is welcome back to see there bird anytime. I
    > have a open door the bird will be here. so who ever wrote
    > that is just not anyone that ever met me or knows me at
    > that was harsh words to write about someone you hav eno
    > idea who they are what they live like.
    > summer