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Post: report person that stated no true staement about me

Posted by Summer in New Cralisle In 46552 on 7/24/07

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    WANTED! In New Cralisle IN. a Cockatoo to love.
    Posted by summer scammer on 7/24/07 truth fact real!!!!

    I reported this remark below aimed towards my reason for
    looking here as a scam? seeing it is not true at all.

    Looks like Summer found a new place to hunt!
    Beg a free bird & sell it
    Old scam
    come forward and tell me how you feel you know anything
    about me I have never resold a bird so your a flat out lier.

    This is all true statement.I just want a pet is all.
    On 7/24/07, Summer wrote:
    > I have many years with large bird I was raised from a
    > age 9 one in a home with them. I had my mother life with
    > several yeras and I took care of her bird as she
    > from a very bad broken leg she was in rehab hospital two
    > years seeing she is heavy and break was very bad. I
    > with her bird deeply and when she was released from
    > hospital and had to move to a retirment comunity were the
    > have hanicap duplexs she took her bird. I have been with
    > out one two years and miss it deeply. Help me locate on
    > unwanted needing a good home or one price reasonable that
    > the old parents will know will be living in a life long
    > home loved cared for and I have a large home lots of
    > windows and lots of free time to care for bird needing
    > attenton. Please help me locate a new friend.
    > I am will to drive and know the pros and cons fully of
    > being a large bird owner.
    > email me with any leads of contact information at :
    > Thanks for your help Summer

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