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Post: I did report false remark about myself so have facts

Posted by Summer of New Carlisle IN 46552 on 7/24/07

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    all I wanted was a way to find a ne w pet cockatoo at a
    reasonable rate seeing I like anyone else just have family
    and wanted a reasonable rate and was even trying to find a
    area breeder or loocol person tha is not able to be with
    bird as much as needs we can help one another out I am
    willing to buy bird. I am not looking to resell anything
    person is free to come see bird any time. I am just missing
    having one in my life is all. Have many years experiance.
    I am Not a breeder at all have no birds just three
    teenagers. have raised my kids now have time to give a bird
    love that it needs and time make it the new baby in my
    family is all. Sorry that person felt they had that right
    to take away my chances to find a bird near me to buy? I
    just am looking for a pet that is all. Summer of New
    Carlisle In 46552

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