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Re: 5yr old male mullucan cockatoo

Posted by KittyJ on 7/28/07
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    On 7/27/07, Michele wrote:
    > My Husband purchased a 5yr old male mullucan cockatoo for
    > me as a companion pet after I had lost my little female
    > goffin. The history on our new pal was unknown and now I
    > have discovered that I have a bird who is a problem child.
    > He thinks that I am a mate to him and tries to mate with
    > me every chance he gets. If I try to keep him from this he
    > attacks me. It is a heart breaking relationship for both
    > me and the bird. Can anyone please please direct me to a
    > breeder or someone in Florida who could give this animal
    > the proper care and enviroment he needs?

    He DOES NOT newed a breeder. He is imprinted on humans and
    needs human companionship. UNFORTUNATLY, HE is a man now,
    and this is what makes MOST cockatoos un handable is the
    male cockatoo aggression. I believe you should consult a
    bird behavioralist.

    go to groups

    type in PARROT BAS

    become a meber there

    also become a member in click-bird

    And possibly "maleMoluccancockatoo" membership too.

    Good luck

    If you need to find a rescue who can help you out I know of
    a women her name is Dana