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Re: Umbrella Cockatoo

Posted by bert on 8/07/07
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    On 8/07/07, Mary wrote:
    > I was scammed by people outside the US. My bird did not sell. Be
    > carefull selling your items on the internet!
    > Bert I didn't like your response. I love my bird and don't want to
    > get rid of him but due to my husbands health I have to! Obviously
    > you have never been in this situation!
    > On 8/05/07, bert wrote:
    >> On 8/05/07, Mary wrote:
    >>> Umbrella Cockatoo has been SOLD!!!! Thanks for looking!
    >>> On 8/01/07, Mary wrote:
    >>>> Will take 1200.00 if anyone is interested. I have to get rid
    >>>> of him real soon!
    >> Oh, thank God, Mary! I've lost sleep wondering if you pimped
    >> this bird yet. All my friends will be relieved too when I tell
    >> them.
    >> I know all the Birdmart staff and contributors will breath a
    > sigh
    >> of relief knowing that he has brought you money.

    You don't care for my comments? Well Mary, you are NOT to be posting
    birds for sale on the chat boards. They are to go into the
    CLASSIFIEDS of Birdmart.

    When I see phrases like "get rid of" that tells me loads about the
    person selling the bird.

    Sure, your husband may be ill, but the bottom line is the money he
    will bring.