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Re: Umbrella Cockatoo

Posted by Mary on 8/09/07
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    On 8/08/07, bert wrote:
    > On 8/08/07, Mary wrote:
    >> Well guess what, he isn't being sold!!!!!!!!!!!
    >> He is going to a good home with my sister where I can still see him.
    >> Thank you so much
    > That's great, Mary. I hope your sister is a wee bit smarter than you
    > are, but I know that's asking a lot.

    Bert, you know I hope you don't always treat people like crap, if you do I
    can understand why you have no friends and it sounds like you are the one
    that has no brains just by the way you talk on here! My bird is going to
    my sister so that I can still be with my bird!