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Re: Umbrella Cockatoo

Posted by Mary on 8/11/07
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    On 8/09/07, karen wrote:
    > On 8/09/07, Mary wrote:
    >> On 8/08/07, bert wrote:
    >>> On 8/08/07, Mary wrote:
    >>>> Well guess what, he isn't being sold!!!!!!!!!!!
    >>>> He is going to a good home with my sister where I can still see him.
    >>>> Thank you so much
    >>> That's great, Mary. I hope your sister is a wee bit smarter than you
    >>> are, but I know that's asking a lot.
    >> Bert, you know I hope you don't always treat people like crap, if you do I
    >> can understand why you have no friends and it sounds like you are the one
    >> that has no brains just by the way you talk on here! My bird is going to
    >> my sister so that I can still be with my bird!
    > Hi Mary
    > I hope it all works out for you & you bird!
    > We were unlucky in the Too world, my husband started having a bad reaction
    > within 5 min of picking one up. Hi breathing got distressed, his eyes got
    > red & puffy, we had to go! A shower, meds., and a change of clothing ASAP
    > No Toos in our house!
    > You may have to keep clothing at your sisters so you do not bring the dust
    > home. Best of luck!

    Thanks Karen for the advise. I will use it.
    I was beginning to think no one in this room had a heart after all bert's