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Re: Umbrella Cockatoo

Posted by Genevieve on 8/12/07
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    On 8/11/07, bert wrote:
    > On 8/11/07, Mary wrote:
    >> On 8/09/07, karen wrote:
    >>> On 8/09/07, Mary wrote:
    >>>> On 8/08/07, bert wrote:
    >>>>> On 8/08/07, Mary wrote:
    >>>>>> Well guess what, he isn't being sold!!!!!!!!!!!
    >>>>>> He is going to a good home with my sister where I can still see him.
    >>>>>> Thank you so much
    >>>>> That's great, Mary. I hope your sister is a wee bit smarter than you
    >>>>> are, but I know that's asking a lot.
    >>>> Bert, you know I hope you don't always treat people like crap, if you do I
    >>>> can understand why you have no friends and it sounds like you are the one
    >>>> that has no brains just by the way you talk on here! My bird is going to
    >>>> my sister so that I can still be with my bird!
    >>> Hi Mary
    >>> I hope it all works out for you & you bird!
    >>> We were unlucky in the Too world, my husband started having a bad reaction
    >>> within 5 min of picking one up. Hi breathing got distressed, his eyes got
    >>> red & puffy, we had to go! A shower, meds., and a change of clothing ASAP
    >>> No Toos in our house!
    >>> You may have to keep clothing at your sisters so you do not bring the dust
    >>> home. Best of luck!
    >> Thanks Karen for the advise. I will use it.
    >> I was beginning to think no one in this room had a heart after all bert's
    >> remarks.
    > Bert dont give a rats azz what you think about him. Go take care of your

    I do believe that there is a time and a place to be rude and uncaring. For
    instance when you run over a 5 year olds new puppy and kill it instantly. That is
    surely the time to rub her face in the fact that the puppy was not on a leash. Oh
    yes I do believe that will do the trick. Bert…Take this into consideration the
    next time you respond to someone you do not know. You have no idea what the
    person is going through or what they are like. I have owned many birds but do to
    sever asthma I am unable to own a cockatoo because of the feather dust. I hope
    you realize that your comments hurt people and are inappropriate.