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Re: Transporting Cockatoo Egg

Posted by Glenda on 8/08/07
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    On 8/07/07, thatwhitedog wrote:
    > We have a friend that is wanting to incubate one of our
    > Cockatoo eggs and hatch the baby for himself. He is all
    > set up with the supplies on his end, however he lives an
    > hour and a half away. What is the best way to transport
    > the egg to him without causing any problems in the
    > incubation period?

    You can put the egg in a bowl with bedding just as you would
    a live chick. You dont want it to roll around. If the egg is
    fresh and has not started the incubation process keep it at
    the same temperature as when it was laid. If it has started
    developing you must keep it in the same temperature it is
    used to. I have moved eggs by placing them in a bowl of seed
    or shavings and using a power inverter and a brooder or
    small incubator.