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Re: Ducorps Cockatoo

Posted by karen on 8/17/07
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    On 8/17/07, Martin wrote:
    > We have a ducorps that is about 1.5 years old. Does anyone
    > have experience with these birds pertaining to how long
    > they "cry" for? I've heard up to a year or so. But ours is
    > still consistantly "crying".

    See the above page.
    It is normal if the birds needs are not being met.
    Toos have a lot of needs
    Ref. the info on stuffed animals & toys, that may help
    Lots of safe toys are a must for smart active birds
    Watch out for lead paint on the toys, I give my birds plush
    toys with soft eyes. Be carefull of stuffing & anything
    cloth must be inspected each day for strings that can wrap
    around the bird!!
    There is a video called Captive Foraging that can give you
    some good ideas on how to keep your bird occupied
    Good luck