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Re: Ducorps Cockatoo

Posted by Rick on 8/20/07
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    On 8/20/07, karen wrote:
    > On 8/17/07, karen wrote:
    >> On 8/17/07, Martin wrote:
    >>> We have a ducorps that is about 1.5 years old. Does anyone
    >>> have experience with these birds pertaining to how long
    >>> they "cry" for? I've heard up to a year or so. But ours is
    >>> still consistantly "crying".
    > I hate to be a downer but the above page will open your eyes
    > to the needs of Toos.
    > Your baby cries as it can not scream like other Toos
    > Please look into the special needs of your bird.
    > Best of luck

    I have to agree fully with Karen. is a great place to
    start, even before obtaining a Too, just to gain the knowledge
    and then, and only then, if you are still interested you will
    have a long road ahead of you.
    I can say first handed that this is how I started with my M2
    also. Mytoos has a wealth of information at your disposal and
    alot of caring people to help you in times of need.
    Cockatoos are / can be very needy birds with undesirable
    behavioural habits if given the opportunity.
    Good Luck.........not to mention the DUST.......I do hope you
    like to CLEAN, CLEAN, CLEAN. We do all the time.