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Re: pulling infertile eggs

Posted by Meeko's Mom on 8/22/07
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    On 8/22/07, jeanne wrote:
    > My thirteen year old female umbrella laid two eggs five
    > weeks ago. This was her first clutch and I have left her
    > and her mate to nest them naturally. I had suspected that
    > they might not be fertile. Both birds have been
    > dilegently sitting and have shown remarkable nesting
    > skills. The incubation period has passed by 5 days now
    > and the birds are showing less interest, but still
    > spending a lot of time nesting. I feel I need to remove
    > the eggs, but don't really want to start a cycle of
    > constant laying. I am not terribly interested in
    > breeding, but more interested in the happiness of my
    > birds. Any advice out there?

    You could replace their eggs with Dummy eggs.