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Re: Cockatoo w/injured let

Posted by Aunt Bea on 9/02/07
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    On 9/02/07, Candie wrote:
    > Hi,
    > I really need some help. I have a two year old Cockatoo.
    > She had a rope swing in her cage. She shredded the rope
    > and had it wrap around her foot. When I got home and
    > untangled her, she had chewed off the tips of her toes. I
    > took her to the vet, which he put a collar around her to
    > keep her from chewing it. She could manover her foot up
    > around the colar and still chew it. I have had it wrapped
    > for three weeks now. She is chewing the wrapping off and
    > now has two of her toes gone. How can I keep her from
    > chewing them. The Vet and I are out of answers.

    Hi, sorry your bird got injured. At this point I would take
    the collar and all wrapping off the bird. I'm positive he
    will leave the toes alone. Birds loose toes in the wild and
    there are no vets to wrap them up and they do just fine. I
    have bred big birds for many years. I have had a few loose
    toes for various reasons. When you wrap them up you have a
    50-50 chance that they will leave it alone. Otherwise they
    will chew the toe off. So, if the bleeding is stopped there
    is no reason to wrap the toes. Good luck