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Re: Cockatoo w/injured leg

Posted by Candie on 9/02/07
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    On 9/02/07, Aunt Bea wrote:
    > On 9/02/07, Candie wrote:
    >> Hi,
    >> I really need some help. I have a two year old Cockatoo.
    >> She had a rope swing in her cage. She shredded the rope
    >> and had it wrap around her foot. When I got home and
    >> untangled her, she had chewed off the tips of her toes. I
    >> took her to the vet, which he put a collar around her to
    >> keep her from chewing it. She could manover her foot up
    >> around the colar and still chew it. I have had it wrapped
    >> for three weeks now. She is chewing the wrapping off and
    >> now has two of her toes gone. How can I keep her from
    >> chewing them. The Vet and I are out of answers.
    > Hi, sorry your bird got injured. At this point I would take
    > the collar and all wrapping off the bird. I'm positive he
    > will leave the toes alone. Birds loose toes in the wild and
    > there are no vets to wrap them up and they do just fine. I
    > have bred big birds for many years. I have had a few loose
    > toes for various reasons. When you wrap them up you have a
    > 50-50 chance that they will leave it alone. Otherwise they
    > will chew the toe off. So, if the bleeding is stopped there
    > is no reason to wrap the toes. Good luck

    Aunt Bea,

    Thank you for your advice. I do have one question though. If I
    take the wrapping off do you think she will chew the other two
    toes off? All four of them were chewed orginally. I believe on
    one of the toes that are left she chewed down beneath the
    first ring, and the other one almost down to the second ring.

    Thank you