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Re: sex of my Bird

Posted by Rick on 9/19/07
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    On 9/19/07, Randy wrote:
    > i have raised my bird from a egg. i had a proven pair but
    > the male killed the female then he died of a broken heart
    > (so the vet said) i have thought all this time i had a
    > female moluccan now i am not sure another lady told me if
    > she is a female she will still lay a egg it just wont be
    > that true??? do i maybe have a male??? is
    > there a way you can tell in the eyes?? pure dark/black
    > eyes is a male?? if you can see the puple in the eye its a
    > female?? any help would help
    > athsnk you
    > Randy


    The lady who stated to you about female birds laying eggs
    without a mate, is very truthful. The only need for a male
    is for fertilization. Should your female however lay an egg,
    do not discard it as she will continue to lay another to
    replace the one you took. Just leave it in the cage and
    after a few weeks then take and toss it. Or you can get
    a "dummy egg" and replace the real one with this one.

    From my experience with our M2, he is definitely a male,
    DNA'd, and does have the solid black beautiful eyes. From
    reading about Cockatoos in general, they say the females
    have a dark-brownish colored eye and not as dark as the
    males. Maybe others here who have female cockatoos can help
    to better clarify this for you.

    If in doubt still, have your Cockatoo DNA'd, this will rule
    out all doubts and give you the results you are looking for.

    Hope this has helped you somewhat. Take care, Rick