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Re: sex of my Bird

Posted by Rick on 9/19/07
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    On 9/19/07, Randy wrote:
    > On 9/19/07, Rick wrote:
    >> On 9/19/07, Randy wrote:
    >>> i have raised my bird from a egg. i had a proven pair but
    >>> the male killed the female then he died of a broken heart
    >>> (so the vet said) i have thought all this time i had a
    >>> female moluccan now i am not sure another lady told me if
    >>> she is a female she will still lay a egg it just wont be
    >>> that true??? do i maybe have a male??? is
    >>> there a way you can tell in the eyes?? pure dark/black
    >>> eyes is a male?? if you can see the puple in the eye its a
    >>> female?? any help would help
    >>> athsnk you
    >>> Randy
    >> Randy,
    >> The lady who stated to you about female birds laying eggs
    >> without a mate, is very truthful. The only need for a male
    >> is for fertilization. Should your female however lay an egg,
    >> do not discard it as she will continue to lay another to
    >> replace the one you took. Just leave it in the cage and
    >> after a few weeks then take and toss it. Or you can get
    >> a "dummy egg" and replace the real one with this one.
    >> From my experience with our M2, he is definitely a male,
    >> DNA'd, and does have the solid black beautiful eyes. From
    >> reading about Cockatoos in general, they say the females
    >> have a dark-brownish colored eye and not as dark as the
    >> males. Maybe others here who have female cockatoos can help
    >> to better clarify this for you.
    >> If in doubt still, have your Cockatoo DNA'd, this will rule
    >> out all doubts and give you the results you are looking for.
    >> Hope this has helped you somewhat. Take care, Rick
    > Rick thank you for your responce,, yes it helps somewhat but
    > my q is IF she is a female will SHE automatically lay eggs??
    > or do some females never lay eggs?
    > Randy


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