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Re: sex of my Bird

Posted by A Bird Owner on 9/19/07
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    Since you have a computer you can do that research for yourself
    using a search engine. And frankly that information would be a
    lot more accurate than what you may be told here!

    This web-site use to have a lot of experianced owners & breeders
    posting who where a wealth of information & more than willing to
    take the time to give information & advice. But a couple of years
    ago there was a rash of "children" who started posting over their
    TG & Christmas holidays who single handly took over the site &
    ran the regulars off. Some of those kids still post acting like
    they know what they are saying, but they DON'T.

    Frankly I only pop over here maybe once a month, if that, to see
    what sort of chaos are going on. So please do yourself a favor &
    look for your answers via a search engine or order a couple of
    birdcare books from or some other store that sells pet
    care books. Or talk to your Avian vet ( that would/should be the
    best source of information anyway ). Lastly there is a company in
    Florida called Avian Biotech ( you should be able to get their
    web-address by search engine as well ) that does DNA testing via
    blood, feathers & the last I heard ( which was a year or so ago )
    something about a swab sample taken from the birds beak. All
    information you need about how to collect a sample for whatever
    type of test you want to do, is located on their site. They also
    have other information & links on their site for bird care. I use
    them to have my 10 years old bird DNA'd a couple of years ago &
    was very pleased with their service. The results where available
    via the internet in 7 - 10 days & then I was mailed paper
    documentation for my records. And they don't charge huge fees
    like vets do. ( Vets don't do the blood testing themselves
    anyway, they are sent to a lab for processing ).

    Good luck