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Re: Birds lay eggs?

Posted by Jack on 9/20/07
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    On 9/20/07, Randy wrote:
    > Hello again...
    > i am just wondering if anyone knows will a female Cockatoo
    > lay eggs all the time or does she have to have a male mate
    > to lay eggs?? i thought she would (if she is a she) lay
    > eggs year around (durning her time) and IF she wasnt with
    > a mate the egg would NOT be fertil??? or will she never
    > lay eggs??? once again maybe all this time i THOUGHT i had
    > a female but she is a he and a male... i CAN see the pupil
    > in her eyes VERY clear they are NOT all solid black. ANY
    > help//feed back would be great
    > thank you Randy

    Hi Randy,

    I believe in your other Thread someone had given you the
    best advice you could have rec'd regarding your Cockatoo
    questions and concerns. is the place you need to be asking your
    questions, as their primary concerns are for the Cockatoos.
    Just a little info for you.