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Re: Birds lay eggs?

Posted by Bird Owner on 9/20/07
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    Read the relys aleady posted to answer your 1st post!

    On 9/20/07, Randy wrote:
    > Hello again...
    > i am just wondering if anyone knows will a female Cockatoo
    > lay eggs all the time or does she have to have a male mate
    > to lay eggs?? i thought she would (if she is a she) lay
    > eggs year around (durning her time) and IF she wasnt with
    > a mate the egg would NOT be fertil??? or will she never
    > lay eggs??? once again maybe all this time i THOUGHT i had
    > a female but she is a he and a male... i CAN see the pupil
    > in her eyes VERY clear they are NOT all solid black. ANY
    > help//feed back would be great
    > thank you Randy

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