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Re: cockatoo not hand tame

Posted by john samples on 10/31/07
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    hi, i have a cockatoo that i got at 2 months old and from what i
    have seen they act like they are going to attack if the are scared
    or when they are playing with you it is hard some times to tell
    one from the other but with time you will be able to tell.
    he has to bond with you and that might take some time but when he
    does he will trust olny you so make sure you reealy want him for
    the rest of you life because they live around 100 years,

    On 10/19/07, valerie wrote:
    > On 10/11/07, janet wrote: i live in pa
    >> On 10/01/07, Susan wrote:
    >>> Patience, patience, patience.
    >>> There are several training manuals out there...research them
    >>> as much as you can, and then do what works out best for you
    >>> and your guy. Where are you located?
    >>> On 10/01/07, valerie wrote:
    >>>> I got a male m cockatoo , that was locked in a dark basement
    >>>> for 7 years . I just wanted him out of that nasty place !!
    >>>> can anyone tell if they think he will ever learn to step up
    >>>> and be more hand tame ? I work with him everyday he loves
    >>>> kisses on his head and loves to be petted on his head. He
    >>>> does NOT bit but acts like he could .