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Re: cockatoo not hand tame

Posted by Harvey on 12/07/07
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    Bless you for whanting to help our featherd friend.
    I also rescued a 9 yr old male Molaccan that had been very
    neglected and abused about 2 1/2 ago. He was attack mean.
    Never wavering Patience w/kindness and love day in and day out
    will in the Birds time allow himself to trust humans
    again.Once he learns to trust you on the simplest level... and
    that may be that you come back and spend time with him
    everyday and comes to understand that your not going to go
    away and leave him. Always give positive reinforcement
    everytime you see him. Stepping up for the bird is a choice of
    trust and for him to get a desired pleasurable response. It
    took just over a year of prompting asking ethusiacticly
    thousands of times for LOLO our Molaccan.... and finally he
    stepped up. Now six minths later he reaches out to us when
    ever we come over to or open his cage. I would very much like
    to share with you all of the 2 1/2 of research we have done to
    help our Molucann. Feel free to e-mail me direct and if you
    like we can talk by phone. Hang in there the rewards will be
    well worth it for both of you. These birds are truly one of
    the many wonderful gifts from GOD.

    On 10/01/07, Susan wrote:
    > Patience, patience, patience.
    > There are several training manuals out there...research them
    > as much as you can, and then do what works out best for you
    > and your guy. Where are you located?
    > On 10/01/07, valerie wrote:
    >> I got a male m cockatoo , that was locked in a dark basement
    >> for 7 years . I just wanted him out of that nasty place !!
    >> can anyone tell if they think he will ever learn to step up
    >> and be more hand tame ? I work with him everyday he loves
    >> kisses on his head and loves to be petted on his head. He
    >> does NOT bit but acts like he could .