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Re: Goffins Cockatoo

Posted by Cheri on 1/13/08
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    Thank you


    On 1/13/08, everywhere wrote:

    > There is a chance they will never accept each other we have goffin
    > too's and they in 15 yrs are no way compatable. This is an
    > arranged marriage, think about them in the wild they at least can
    > pick their own mate not be forced into it..... We have 12 parrots
    > and Id love to pair everyone up, but in 27 years doesnt work all
    > have own cages and space. Ever see breeders- most are plucked and
    > many lose their mates early---- reason for it!
    > On 1/12/08, Cheri wrote:
    >> Wow! its been along time ago since I posted this and never got a
    >> response.. I got my 2nd G2 on Thanksgiving and allready had my
    >> male , the new one is suppose to be a female.. Still Piper my
    >> male hates her and she is scared to death of him he is alot
    >> bigger then her.. I have perched them together and they stay as
    >> far apart as they can from each other.. today Piper chased her
    >> around the living room ( I was right there) I am kinda bummed
    >> because I know other Goffie owners and theirs do just fine
    >> together .. I just think my Piper is jealous thats how he acts
    >> and he pouts..I have given him the attention plus more and he
    >> still is this way.. Also he investigates with his beak and her
    >> with her foot .. so she stuck her foot right up to his
    >> thank God I was there or we could of been missing
    >> toes.. Thanks for your help.. I dont know if they will ever come
    >> together or if he will ever accept her.
    >>> On 12/26/07, lisa wrote:
    >>>> On 11/01/07, Cheri wrote:
    >>>>> Hello,,,
    >>>>> Will a goffins male get along with another male? I am not
    >>>>> wanting breeders... I just was thinking about a friend for
    >>>>> my goffin? What other birds would be compatible to hang
    >>>>> out and be a freind with him? I have quakers a mustache
    >>>>> parakeet, Cockatiels and have been hesitant to let him
    >>>>> close to them as he is so much bigger...any help would be
    >>>>> appreciated.
    >>>>> Thank you so much.
    >>> Hi Lisa,
    >>> Somewhat of a "rule of thumb" is to make sure the beak sizes
    >>> are pretty comparable in size. But this still doesn't ensure
    >>> you have happy birds coexisting. We have a M2 and a B&G,
    >>> sometimes they get along, sometimes not! Sometimes the B&G
    >>> will preen the M2, which is cute to see, but that doesn't last
    >>> long either. The M2 has pretty established heirachy.
    >>> Trial and error with close supervision will tell you whether
    >>> you have a compatible "buddy" pair. Good Luck.