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Re: Goffins Cockatoo

Posted by Rick on 12/27/07
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    On 12/26/07, lisa wrote:
    > On 11/01/07, Cheri wrote:
    >> Hello,,,
    >> Will a goffins male get along with another male? I am not
    >> wanting breeders... I just was thinking about a friend for
    >> my goffin? What other birds would be compatible to hang
    >> out and be a freind with him? I have quakers a mustache
    >> parakeet, Cockatiels and have been hesitant to let him
    >> close to them as he is so much bigger...any help would be
    >> appreciated.
    >> Thank you so much.

    Hi Lisa,

    Somewhat of a "rule of thumb" is to make sure the beak sizes
    are pretty comparable in size. But this still doesn't ensure
    you have happy birds coexisting. We have a M2 and a B&G,
    sometimes they get along, sometimes not! Sometimes the B&G
    will preen the M2, which is cute to see, but that doesn't last
    long either. The M2 has pretty established heirachy.
    Trial and error with close supervision will tell you whether
    you have a compatible "buddy" pair. Good Luck.