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Re: Cocatoo Mulican

Posted by everywhere on 12/05/07
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    1) It is Moluccan Cockatoo, and 2) breeding them is NOT the
    answer, or what is best for poor bird. Not all Pets will share
    a cage or bond to another bird at this age, Id be terrified
    for him and the female. Id say find him a great home and do
    whats best for him!

    On 11/26/07, Crystal wrote:
    > On 11/10/07, Mellon wrote:
    >> Mellon is a male with a very nasty habit of bitting men.
    >> He is fifteen years old very large. I would like to give
    >> him to someone to breed and get a baby out of the breeding.
    >> thanks
    >> Donna
    > Hi I have a female that is tame and I do not want to
    > breed her but if you need to find him a home and you are
    > close by my home is open to him.
    > Crystal