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Re: fruit flies

Posted by Cindy A on 11/13/07
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    Fruit flies are attracted to anything that has a lot of
    carbs, fruit,juice, even beer. Step one is to clean
    everything. I use white vinegar. You may want to stop
    feeding freash fruits for a few days until they are gone.
    The good news is that they have a very short life cycle. If
    your birds eat pellets, they can go a few days without the
    fruits. Greens, broccolli, eggs, chicken do not seem to have
    any attraction to fruit flies.
    When cleaning the bird room, make sure that you do not leave
    the cage papers or anything that may have flies or eggs on
    it (left overs from the food bowls) in your house. Put in
    garbage bag, tie and remove from house.
    Cindy A

    On 11/11/07, Deb wrote:
    > Can anyone give suggestions on how to safely rid my
    > of fruit flies. I feel so bad for my babies, these nasty
    > flies are every where and just when I think I have a handle
    > on them, another crop shows up.
    > Thanks