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Re: Like to teach my U2 Tricks what is a good treat to award

Posted by Susan on 1/14/08
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    Be careful of the amount of peanuts you use as a reward.
    They can be toxic. Almonds might be a better option if your
    U2 likes them.

    On 1/12/08, Ashleigh wrote:
    > What is your U2's favorite food? My B and G macaw LOVES
    > peanuts. So I give him one when he correctly does what I ask.
    > On 12/16/07, Robert wrote:
    >> I like to train my bird to follow my commands and award
    >> him with treats as an reward. I see this very offen in
    >> bird shows when a bird performs an treat is given. Any
    >> suggestions will be appreciate. Thanks Robert