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Re: Like to teach my U2 Tricks what is a good treat to award

Posted by From Susan on 1/16/08
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    Excessive protein consumption can cause kidney issues. I just
    rescued a bird that has kidney issues due to a strict seed and
    peanut diet. I was simply stating a fact based on my personal
    experience. SOME people do not realize the amounts of their
    snacks and treats...This was meant as a preventative measure.

    A simple request for information would have been the more tactful

    n 1/14/08, For Susan wrote:
    > On 1/14/08, Susan wrote:
    >> Be careful of the amount of peanuts you use as a reward.
    >> They can be toxic. Almonds might be a better option if your
    >> U2 likes them.
    > Susan, I sit here in utter amazement, marveling in the stupidity
    > of people.
    > Can you please expand on your ridiculous notion that peanuts
    > being toxic.
    > I understand the Aspergillosis concept and such, but where does
    > the toxicity come in as far as using them as a treat?
    > Not disagreeing with almonds being the better food, but I'm
    > getting a little tired of people putting false information out
    > there for those that "might" not be as savvy as yourself.