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Re: Cockatoo eggs

Posted by Ashleigh on 1/12/08
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    Another thing to think about though, is the temperature and
    humiditiy needed to hatch parrot eggs are way different then
    game birds. Just another thing to think about.

    On 12/20/07, Meeko's Mom wrote:
    > On 12/19/07, Holly wrote:
    >> I was wondering if anyone sells cockatoo eggs for hatching?
    >> I've seen several ads around online, but get the feeling
    >> they are scams.
    >> I'm hatching chicken eggs right now ... but would love to
    >> hatch and raise my own cockatoo.
    >> Thanks in advance!
    > Holly, probably the only way you will ever get a Cockatoo
    > egg is if you have a friend that will sell you one. Most
    > reputable breeders will NOT sell their fertile eggs !!!
    > And, if someone is offering to sell you one, more than
    > likely, it is a SCAM.